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Latest News

Raphael and Jami join forces to offer community-wide counselling



In 2021 Jami set out a bold and ambitious new five-year strategy to meet its purpose of enriching and saving lives impacted by mental illness and distress in the Jewish community.


One of Jami’s strategic priorities is to offer timely and affordable access to counselling and one-to-one psychological therapies to meet the growing demand for professional support.

To that end, Jami, the mental health service for the Jewish community, and Raphael-The Jewish Counselling Service (CIO), are joining together to provide counselling to more people and create additional scope to provide appropriate counselling to people with more complex mental health needs.


Jami and Raphael recognise that talking therapies are an important part of mental health and wellbeing support, from preventing emotional issues from worsening and having a significant impact on a person’s life, right through to supporting the recovery of a person whose mental health is impacting on their ability to function. 

Through a merger of the two charities, there is an opportunity to meet the needs of the community more effectively, reduce duplication of operational costs, for those using Jami’s services to get access to counselling, and to reduce waiting times for Raphael clients.

Laurie Rackind, Chief Executive of Jami, said, “Availability of psychological therapies is a much-needed strategic development within Jami’s established mental health service. This merger provides an opportunity for people using Jami’s services to get access to qualified counsellors, and to further develop an established counselling service to meet the needs of our community.”

Barbara~Anne Creeger, on behalf of Raphael, said, “We are delighted that the long-established Raphael Counselling Service is to be merged with Jami’s mental health services, enabling the more effective support of the current and future mental health needs and emotional wellbeing of the community.”

This service will be aimed at people experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues and for people who may not have a mental health diagnosis yet are struggling with difficult life events and emotions. This includes carers and other adult family members of people experiencing mental health issues. 

We are in the process of hiring a Therapies Lead to transition Raphael services, integrate the established Raphael clinical team into Jami, and initiate offering Raphael counselling through Jami.


For more information, please contact Hayley Aaron, PR and Communications Manager, Jami at

JVN Celebration of Volunteering Awards 2022

We are delighted to announce that our Team of Qualified Volunteer Counsellors received an award after having been nominated for the Jewish Volunteering Network Volunteer Team of 2022, with representatives attending the JVN Awards Ceremony on Sunday, 15th January.

Counselling for our community

Amuse  |  The Magazine of Edgware United Synagogue

Sarah 38, recently divorced, struggles to cope with two small children on a low income, is depressed and anxious. Abraham 24, butt of his father's anger, "never getting anything right,' is confused and adrift with life, work and relationships. Miriam 52, feels unfulfilled so wants to explore why and how to change. Her depressed, uncommunicative Holocaust survivor father, has impacted on her life. Joshua and Leah have been married for ten years. Following Joshua's affair, have come for couples counselling as they are uncertain whether to continue their marriage or to divorce. Jonathan 56, was made redundant due to Covid-19 so can't support his family, is depressed and anxious. Daniel 63, lost his mother and brother to Covid-19 and is having difficulty coming to terms with distancing in their final days.

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Raphael included in London Jewish Forum's submission towards NHS Good Thinking

We were approached by the London Jewish Forum for Raphael to be included in their submission for the Jewish community to assist NHS Good Thinking in producing a cross-denominational resource on bereavement signposting. 


The resource is aimed at:

  • Jewish individuals who may be disaffiliated/unaffiliated but want a Jewish burial for either themselves or a loved one

  • Are in the Jewish community but who may not be aware of the services available

  • Are Jewish and bereaved but may be disaffiliated and be unaware of services provided in the community

  • Anyone formally supporting anyone that belongs to the Jewish community e.g. an NHS professional or friend

Raphael included in Relief's Mental Health Directory

We have been invited to be included in the Directory that Relief are putting together of all mental health organizations that are available to the Jewish community in London.  Many people are unsure of what each organisation has to offer and how they differ one from another.  They talk through the needs of their clients and signpost them on appropriately.

Charity Matters

The Jewish Chronicle

We were delighted to be asked to feature in the Jewish Chronicle's Charity Matters supplement alongside many of British Jewry's more well known charities, each doing such important work, especially in these uncertain times.

All Change at Raphael

We were very sad when Ruth, our part-time Administrator of 20 years, decided to retire as from end of December 2021 and we should like to thank her for all her hard work and support over the years. However, she continues to help out with various matters on a voluntary basis.


We take this opportunity to welcome, Allison, as our new part-time Administrator and wish her the very best of luck. In the short time that she has been with us, she has already made a significant impact, and we know there is so much more she will be able to offer the whole team!

A listening ear when life is tough

APRIL 08, 2021

The Jewish Chronicle

Why don't more people know about a counselling service for the Jewish community, asks Gaby Koppel.

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